Free Appraisal Management Company List

The Free Appraisal Management Company List
Here is my list of AMCs (Appraisal Management Companies).   I will add new listings as I come across them and try to add additional information about each company.   Most of these listing I found while searching the internet and can’t give you much more information beyond the name and website.  If anyone has any personal experience with any of these companies and would like to send me a review please do so. 

48 Hour Automated Appraisal Management Company
ABC Appraisal Management Company, PLLC
Accurate Appraisal Management Company Inc.
Accurate Group
Action Appraisal Management, Inc.
Alexander McCabe Appraisal Management Company
All-American Appraisal Management Corporation
Alliance Appraisal Management Company
Allstate Appraisal, L.P.
America's InfoMart, Inc.
AMC Links
AmCorp Appraisal Management Services
AMC Settlement Services
American Valuation Management
Action 1 Appraisals
Advantage Equity Services
Appraisal Broker, LLC
Appraisal Compliance Management, Inc.
Appraisal Logistic Solutions
Appraisal Management Company
Appraisal Management Online
Appraisal Management Resources, LLC
Appraisal Management Services of America, Inc.
Appraisal Management Services, LLC
Appraisal Ordering Systems
Appraisal Quick
Appraise Now, Inc.
Appraiser Loft
AREA Appraisal Management Company
Boston Appraisal Management
Broad Street Valuations
Capital Appraisal Management Services, Inc.
Clarity Appraisal Management, Inc.
CMS Property Services, Inc.
Coast to Coast Appraisal Management
Coester Appraisal Group
Consolidated Analytics
Cross Country Appraisal Management Inc
Dart Appraisal
Direct Link Appraisal Management
East 2 West AMC
Elite Appraisal Management, Inc.
Epic Real Estate Solutions, Inc.
Equifax Settlement Services
Equity Development Systems, LTD
Equity National
eTEC Appraisal Management Solutions
Fidelity Appraisals 
Financial Asset Services, Inc.
Financial Dimensions, Inc
First American eAppraiseIT
First Choice Appraisal Management
First Title
Five Brothers
Foxtrot Corporation
Golden Bell Appraisal Management Company
Great Lakes Appraisal Management Company
Guaranteed Appraisal Management Co.
Guideline Appraisal's
iMortgage Services
Independent Settlement Services, LLC
InHouse Solutions
Innovative Appraisal Network LLC
Jeder Valuation Consultants Inc.
Kirchmeyer & Associates, Inc.
K&M Appraisal Management 
KStreet Appraisal
Landmark Loan Services, LLC
Landmarx Solutions, LLC
Lenders Aid
Lender Transaction
Liberty National Appraisals, LLC
Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services
MDA Lending Solutions
Momentum Appraisal Group
Mortgage Information Services, Inc.
National Real Estate Information Services
Nations Lending Services
Nations Valuation Services, Inc
Nationwide-AMC, LLC
Nationwide Appraisal Network
Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services
Niemi Appraisal Placement Co, Inc.
New England Appraisal Management
Nexus Valuation Management
Norman, Hubbard and Associates, Inc.
Old Republic Title Residential Information Services 
Order Pro USA
Paramount Appraisal Management, LLC
Pendo Management Group
PCV Murcor
Prime Valuation Services, LLC
Property Rate Nationwide Appraisal Services
Property Sciences
PMH Financial
Pro Teck Valuation Services
Quality Valuation Services
Quantrix Valuation
RELS Valuation
Samco Appraisal Management Company, LLC
Select Business Services
Service 1st Valuation and Settlement Services, Inc.
Settlement One
Springhouse Appraisal & Review Services
Streetlinks National Appraisal Services
Synergy Appraisal Services
The Appraisal Hub
Title Source
United Appraisal Valuations & Asset Management Corp.
US Appraisal Group
US Appraisal Network
USA Real Estate Information Services, LLC
US Real Estate Services
Validata Lender Services
Valuation Management Group
Valuation Partners
Valuation Support Services
Value Trend Solutions
WCCI Nationwide Appraisal Services

California OREA List
The OREA website has an extensive list of AMC companies that are registered with the agency.  The following link will take you to the OREA list.  The list does not have websites however it does have information like company name, phone number, address, etc.